Meet the Organisers

Lotta Schneidemesser


Lotta Schneidemesser completed a Master’s degree in World Literatures in English at the University of Oxford and is currently studying for her PhD at the University of York. Lotta’s research focuses on the moment of homecoming in contemporary postcolonial literature and examines the concepts of home, belonging and return migration. (twitter: @Lotta_Sch)


Alexander Hardie-Forsyth


Alexander Hardie-Forsyth is a Wolfson Scholar, doctoral candidate, and part-time tutor in English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford.


Harriet Beadnell


Harriet Beadnell is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of York. Her Research is funded by a White Rose College of the Art and Humanities (WRoCAH) scholarship. Harriet’s thesis explores the representation, role and identity of Second World War veterans since 1945. She is a graduate of the MA Public History at the University of York and completed her BA in History at the University of Teesside in 2014.


Stephanie Wright 


Stephanie Wright completed her undergraduate degree in French and Spanish at the University of St Andrews before moving to Sheffield in 2013 to undertake her MA and PhD. She is now in her third year of a White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities (WRoCAH) funded PhD, which explores the experiences of mentally and physically disabled veterans of the Spanish Civil War. In her spare time she co-runs a blog on the language of authoritarian regimes, and can be found on twitter @Estefwright